Natural Plant Inks

I had started my blog  Lost in Colours with an intention to raise awareness of the environmental issues involved in art materials and to provide non-toxic, low-impact solutions. Hopefully,  I can be more regular in sharing not only my insights on this topic but also my struggles and joy of creating sustainable art! To date, I had only been using pigments from Earth in my daily art practice. I began foraging for natural pigments from plants last year after being inspired by a local artist whom I met while camping along the coast of Algarve in Portugal.  Her eco-printed fabric had me thinking and I started exploring plants other than pigments of the earth as a source of colours for sketching. I couldn’t really explore and experiment much after returning home to Austria as nature had begun to go into sleep mode. Natural pigments found in India I embarked on making botanical inks early this year when we travelled to India. During our month-long trip, we stayed for about a week in the southern Indian town of Auroville. There stood in the courtyard of our guesthouse a beautiful Palash or Flame of the Forest tree in full bloom. Looking at … Continue reading Natural Plant Inks