Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Jyotsna, a BSc in Biochemistry and Chemistry, MSc in Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, PhD in nuclear receptor biology, 3 postdocs…you get the idea! I was a bonafide biomedical researcher, but I quit being one after almost two decades when I stepped into the role of a mother. This one decision changed the course of my life; it led me to reacquaint with the artist inside me. So, there you go I have no degree in fine arts or any art related subject for that matter but I love capturing our family travels and abstraction of life using humble natural art materials. You can say I am an ‘artistic scientist’ ! 

It is during my journey as an artist about 4 years ago and my interest in the ancient folk art of India that piqued my curiosity into knowing more about foraging and making pigments and paints from natural resources. I am every bit enthralled by the process of making paints from found treasures of the earth. It is a mindful and transformative process that has enriched my life and helped me see my local landscape with a whole new perspective. I am on a journey not only to live a conscious and sustainable life but  also to align those  values with my creative art practice.

My creative life intersects with my role as a mother, wife, daughter and sister.  I have a lovable little son and I am married to a wonderful, supportive and encouraging husband. It is the immense support and love of my family that inspires me to be the best creative version of myself every day with abundant joy!

I hope this blog inspires and encourages you to connect with your creative self. This platform is a means for me to share my learnings, knowledge and perspectives, and to learn from everyone else’s. This is about me in a ‘nutshell’! 

I would love to hear from you.