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Jyotsna B. Pippal

I am Jyotsna…

… a scientist and self-taught sustainable watercolor artist. I live in beautiful Austria with my son and husband.

My creative process is deeply rooted in an endless journey of discovery, respecting, and deepening a connection with my local landscape.

I am every bit enthralled by the process of making my own watercolor paints from the found treasures of the earth and using them to capture the magic of our natural world and glorious moments of my life!

I am on a journey not only to live a conscious and sustainable life,
but also to align those values with my creative art practice.​

On my website you can learn …

My journey from a scientist to a sustainable artist.

Making and facilitating art was not something I ever imagined myself doing. My career identity has always been that of a scientist; armed with a BSc in Biochemistry and Chemistry, MSc in Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, Ph.D. in nuclear receptor biology, 3 postdocs…you get the picture!

Since life never goes in a linear way, I quit being an academic research scientist after almost two decades, when I stepped into the role of a mother.  It is during motherhood, I picked up a paintbrush, and I started dabbling with colors!

My first project was a hand-illustrated children’s booklet on health and nutrition that emphasized the importance of eating healthy, seasonal, organic, and locally produced food.

As I began to communicate all things science with art, I morphed into a sustainable watercolor artist! I discovered the joy and passion for exploring my landscape and making my own colors with the found treasure of the earth. It is my way of respecting, caring, and protecting our natural world.

I am here to share my passion for painting with natural paints and I hope that it inspires and encourages you to explore and connect with your landscape!

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