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Expressive Illustration with Natural Handmade Watercolors

29th April 2021
Illustration of a flower shop

Inspiration is food for thought for all artists! As soon as I step out of my doorstep, I find inspiration everywhere!  It can be as simple as a simple cup of coffee to as large as scenery in the countryside. In this case, it was a local flower shop that got my attention on a morning run. I stopped by to make a quick scribbly sketch of the flower shop and a variety of subjects then transformed my sketch into an expressive watercolor illustration after returning home.

A quick sketch on my morning run


The unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of watercolors makes it a very exciting and expressive medium to work with and it fascinates me. So, I decided to share my process of expressively illustrating the flower shop using natural handmade watercolors through Skillshare.

This beginner-friendly class has a very playful approach to working with the medium of watercolors. It encourages you to cultivate a practice of letting your creativity guide you and to let go of perfectionism and inner critic. In this class, you’ll gain the skills to turn your inspirations into an expressive, loose, and organic watercolor illustration.

Watercolor warm-up drills

Use the beautiful medium of watercolor to express yourself freely and authentically – if what you do falls outside the so-called definition of ‘watercolor’,  be happy to still call it a painting or even a work of art!

A sneak peek into my Skillshare Class: Expressive Watercolor Illustration-A Flower Shop

Follow the link to receive 2 weeks of Skillshare premium membership for free to new members (no commitments).



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