My first kickstarter project is now live!

Would you like to learn how to make your own non-toxic and sustainable watercolor paints from earth and plants?

I’m delighted to share my first kickstarter project with you — The Natural Paint making Compendium! It will be an online course delivered in the early spring of 2021. In this course, you will explore the traditional processes of foraging and processing pigments extracted from their natural sources in the form of earth, rocks, and plants and how these are then purified and transformed into pure pigments.

Additionally, I will also take through distinguishing between non-toxic and toxic pigments (that also includes natural toxic pigments), tools required, and health and safety measures an artist must know about.

If you’ve been longing to transition your creative art process away from petrochemical dyes and pigments derived from fossil fuels, and instead incorporating vibrant hues derived from natural materials, this course can help you fulfil your creative aspirations safely and successfully.

Learn more and go to Kickstarter Campaign page

Once you begin painting with natural colours, you’ll never look at your local landscape in the same way again. Embrace the power of natural pigments for a more sustainable environment. Being part of small changes will change the world!

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