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Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks

Understanding the Chemistry of Plant Pigments

24th November 2023

Each season unfurls its own unique palette of colors, showcasing nature’s ever-changing artistry. As the autumn season unfolds, the surroundings have turned into a canvas adorned with vibrant hues. There was a time when I simply marveled at the transition of colors from season to season without much thought about the chemistry of plant pigments. It changed, however, when I discovered the exciting realm of creating my own natural pigments and inks, with plants playing an important role. I initially…

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Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks Painting & Sketching

Lake Pigments vs. Natural Dyeing

31st July 2023

In the realm of color creations, two captivating worlds stand apart: the intricate process of making lake pigments and the age-old practice of natural dyeing. While both methods embrace the wonders of natural materials, they diverge significantly in purpose, techniques, and end products. In this blog post, we delve into the intriguing differences between the lake pigment-making process and natural dyeing, shedding light on their unique characteristics and creative possibilities. The Complexity of Lake Pigment Production The process of lake…

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