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Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks

How to make eggshell white Watercolor paint

25th January 2021

The next time you’re cooking eggs, don’t throw away the egg shells in the bin straight away. It will surprise you that you can use them for making safe and eco-friendly creamy white watercolor paint and use it for transforming your existing color palette. It also makes for a great rainy day project to get the kids involved!  White is not a color that is used by traditional watercolor artists. To achieve white in a watercolor painting you plan ahead,…

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Handmade Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks

DIY Watercolor and Gouache Paints with Cornstarch

10th October 2023

Explore the art of crafting watercolor paints with readily available kitchen staples. Introduction Watercolor painting is a beautiful and expressive type of art that captures your imagination. However, high-quality artist-grade watercolor paints can be quite costly, making them an aspiration that’s challenging to attain for many, especially in regions where art supplies are scarce or economic conditions are modest. The Spark of Inspiration The inspiration for my cost-effective watercolor paint recipe was sparked by the narrative of one of my…

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