How to make watercolor paint

Make pigments from flowers and plants

Pigment & Paintmaking Workshops

For children Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks

A peep in to natural watercolor paint-making workshop for Children!

11th October 2021

Nature offers us a glorious abundance of a vibrant and bedazzling palette of rainbow colors. It is easy to forget that not long ago, all dyes and paints were made using natural resources. Not to mention natural colors are safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable, and it gives pure joy to collaborate with nature to express our creative inner-self.  This year during early summer, I finally got a chance to conduct a long-due natural watercolor paintmaking workshop for children titled “Colors of Nature…

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Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks

Masterclass & Interactive workshop: “Radically Sustainable Watercolors”

22nd May 2021

Do you want to learn to make sustainable and natural non-toxic watercolors?   Are you an artist or someone like me who uses watercolors as a medium of expression?  Do you want to create something that doesn’t harm our environment? Well, you need not come up with some eco-friendly innovation to create art. Throughout the ages, nature has been an apothecary of arts. One can obtain myriad hues of beautiful pigments from nature. Natural pigments are the purest form of color…

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Painting & Sketching

Expressive Illustration with Natural Handmade Watercolors

29th April 2021
Illustration of a flower shop

Inspiration is food for thought for all artists! As soon as I step out of my doorstep, I find inspiration everywhere!  It can be as simple as a simple cup of coffee to as large as scenery in the countryside. In this case, it was a local flower shop that got my attention on a morning run. I stopped by to make a quick scribbly sketch of the flower shop and a variety of subjects then transformed my sketch into…

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Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks

How to make organic and non-toxic Holi Colors

19th March 2021

I was really looking forward to visiting my family this month but the US president’s proclamation prohibits anyone from visiting friends and family in the US from Schengen countries. So, I ended up re-booking my flights to travel at a later date. This would have been a wonderful opportunity for our son to celebrate one of the biggest Indian festivals with his Indian family with mirth – Holi! Holi – The Spring Festival of Colors  Holi is a joyous and…

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Natural pigments, watercolor paints, plant dyes & inks

How to make watercolor paint: handmade watercolors

10th March 2021

This post provides you a basic step-by-step process of making your own handmade watercolors Watercolor paint is an alluring medium of traditional fine art, which when mixed with water creates translucent layers of color on paper. The use of watercolor dates back to prehistoric times when primitive humans made paints from charcoal, ochres, and water. They applied them with fingers, sticks, or whatever was naturally available, to communicate and document their life. Since antiquity, watercolor is used as a medium…

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